About Nixon Williams

Here at Nixon Williams we pride ourselves on being one of the leading UK Contractor Accountants. Nixon Williams stands apart from others because we never give up on our drive to be outstanding, distinctive in character and uncompromisingly committed to our values. About half of our sales come from customer recommendations.

About Us

We provide an excellent working environment and are dedicated to developing our people and growing their careers, alongside our own success. We are devoted to helping our people to explore their potential; we prefer to promote people from within our business instead of sourcing outside talent and so you can be assured of a great career with us. We know it’s our people that make us the best in our industry.

Not only will you operate as part of a dynamic and supportive team, but you are encouraged to build strong, lasting relationships with your clients. We’ve done away with micro-management and leave you free to conduct your business in the way that you know is best for your clients.

We want you to feel proud to work with us. We are constantly striving to create a fun and accommodating work environment where your opinion matters and you can carve out a fulfilling and exciting career.

What difference will you make?

At Nixon Williams, we have over 4,500 clients - that’s 4,500 people, with 4,500 futures.

You will be the reason these futures are in safe hands.

You will be helping the workforce of the future.

Mission statement

To provide an innovative, reliable one-stop shop to professional contractors who want an easy way to manage their business and processes.